A’dan Z’ye Dizi Sıralaması

*İstediğiniz dizi ismine tıkladığınızda sayfasına yönlendirilirsiniz.*


2Gether The Series 

Still 2Gether The Series [2]

2Moons The Series

2Moons The Series [2]

30sai made Dotei dato Mahotsukai ni Narerurashii

Absolute BL

Addicted Heroin

Advance Bravely

A Tale of Thousand Stars

A First Love Story

Bad Buddy

Baker Boys

Because of You

Beloved Enemy

Between Us: Special

Be Loved in House: I Do

Ben x Jim The Series

Bite Me The Series

Campus Heroes

Chasing Sunsets

Check Out

Close Friend

Color Rush

Craving You

Dark Blue and Moonlight

Dark Blue Kiss

Dear My Name

Dear Uranus


Don’t Say No The Series

En of Love: Love Mechanics

En of Love: This Is Love Story

En of Love: Tossara

Fish Upon The Sky


Friend Forever The Series

Friend Zone The Series

Gameboys The Series

Gen Y The Series

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation [The Untamed]

Great Man Academy



Golden Blood The Series

Happy To Have You Here

Hello Stranger

He’s Coming To Me

HIStory1: Stay Away From Me

HIStory1: Obsessed

HIStory2: Right or Wrong

HIStory2: Crossing The Line

HIStory3: Trapped

HIStory3: Make Our Days Count

HIStrory4: Close to You

Honey Sir

Hua Jai Sila

I’m Your King The Series

I Have A Secret

Ingredients The Series

I Told Sunset About You

I Promised You The Moon [2]

I Stories

Kazoku no Katachi

Kinou Nani Tabeta

Kieta Hatsukoi

Love By Chance

Love By Chance: A Chance To Love

Love With Benefits

Like In The Movies [Gaya Sa Pelikula]

Like A Whisper

Light On Me

Life: Love On The Line

Lion no Oyatsu

Lovely Writer

Manner of Death

Meet Me Outside

Moonshine and Valentine

Mr. Heart

My Ambulance

My Boyfriend

My Dear Loser: Edge of 17

My Engineer The Series

My Gear and Your Gown

My Mate Match

My Sweet Dear

Nee Sensei, Shiranai No?

Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding

Oh Mando!

One Year 365: Wan Ban Chun Ban Tur

Ossan’s Love

Our Sky

Out Of Breath

Oxygen The Series

Pearl Next Door

Peach of Time


Project S The Series: Spike!

Project S The Series: Side by Side

Project S The Series: Skate Our Souls

Project S The Series: Shoot! I Love You!

Precise Shot

Quaranthings The Series

Rainless Love in a Godless Land


Roommate The Series

SaifahZon Story

SCI: Special Crime Investigation

Second Chance

Secret Meeting

Secret Glasses

SKAM – Fransa

SOTUS The Series

TharnType The Series

TharnType The Series: 7 Years Of Love [2]

Tea Box

Tell Me

The Tasty Florida

The Best Story

The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love [2]

The Moment Since

The Moment: I Need You [2]

Theory Of Love

Thonhon Chonlatee

Tien Bromance: My Small Family

Together With Me The Series

Together With Me The Series: Next Chapter [2]

To My Star

The Shipper

Turn Left Turn Right

Until We Meet Again The Series

Utsukushii Kare

WaterBoyy The Series

We Best Love: No 1 For You

We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd [2]

What The Duck The Series

Where Your Eyes Linger


Why R U The Series

Wish You


Yandaixie Street No. 10

Y Destiny The Series

You Make Me Dance

You Never Eat Alone

Your Home The Series